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Central Office Building

Central Office Building

Our office is our another home where we spend a number of hours and do a lot of work. It's a place where many employees do work as a family. So its maintenance and looks of the office are really much important and we provide you the best interior designing so that your office looks attractive and you will love that place where everything is just perfect. Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space.

We work with you as a team to customize a transformation of your workplace that is aligned with your vision, business objectives, financial budgets, and stakeholder timelines. Workplace strategy is empowered by our industry knowledge, expertise, and market trends.

The daily routine of commuting to a corporate office may halt for most of us on the weekends, but work responsibilities often spill over into home life as well. The most important thing is your sitting chare which should be attracted and should be comfortable. So we can design the office’s desk and embellished the Queen Anne chair with shells and black paint which will give a quite different look to your chair. Now we come up to the next important thing i.e our office table. For the boss, a stylish wooden table with a side cabinet will give an executive look. And for the high affinity, we can place a tube sculpture on the table. The contemporary office table with a combination of wood and leather will give a rich look. Glass on it will make it more attractive.

Now we come on the flooring, wooden flooring or tiles on the floor both are fine. If you go towards wooden flooring then it comes in two types: Solid wood flooring and another is Engineered wood. Rather than this one more type of flooring, there is Laminate flooring. This is not wood flooring. This only looks like wood. This has a top coat of plastic laminated on an MDF bottom board. This is a cheap alternative to wood flooring and is not all suitable for high traffic areas. whereas Solid wood flooring is expensive wood but a good quality product is chosen and Engineering wood is priced much more economically than the solid wood flooring obviously because of the lesser quantity of premium wood used. The disadvantage with this is the total life of the product. A wooden floor will require some grinding and re-coating every 4–5 years depending on the traffic due to wear of the surface. With the wooden flooring, decent wallpapers and paint will be captivating.


Why Us

Orizzonte works in the vicinity of Integrity being complete & whole which gives us the power and confidence to full fill our client’s requirement. One stop point for all the interior related activities, providing end to end solution from a thought to an execution.